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Brow Touch-up - "Perfecting Session"

Microblading typically requires a touch-up session for several reasons:

  • Healing process: The initial healing process after a microblading procedure can cause some pigment loss or fading. As the skin heals, scabs may form, and some pigment can be lost along with the scabs when they naturally fall off. A touch-up session allows me to assess the healed results, fill in any gaps, and make adjustments to the color or shape as needed.

  • Pigment retention: Pigment retention can vary depending on an individual's skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. Some people may experience more fading than others, necessitating a touch-up session to ensure the desired outcome.

  • Fine-tuning: The touch-up appointment provides an opportunity for us to discuss the results and make any necessary adjustments to the color, shape, or density of the brows. This helps to achieve the best possible outcome and ensures your satisfaction.

  • Scheduling: A touch-up session is usually scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial microblading procedure, as this allows sufficient time for your skin to heal and the pigment to settle. After the touch-up, the microblading results typically last for 1-3 years, depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare.


Your total price for the initial procedure is $250 ($100 upfront to secure your appointment and $150 immediately after your procedure is completed).

  • OR, You have the option of making 4 interest-free payments of $61.75, with the first payment due to secure your appointment, and the remaining 3 payments due every 2 weeks thereafter. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR BUY NOW, PAY LATER

Please note your appointment is not confirmed until we receive your deposit. Once we receive your deposit, we will consider your appointment booked. All fees are subject to the "Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy". CLICK HERE TO REVIEW


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