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Oh Yes...
You Too Can Have Amazing Brows! 

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Natural Strokes

Microblading is a technique that utilizes a compact handheld instrument to infuse pigment into the skin, crafting delicate, hair-like strokes, giving you an exceptionally natural appearance.


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Brow Touch-up
"Perfecting Session"

Through the healing process eyebrows will change and lighten. Six to eight weeks after the initial procedures a touch-up will be needed, this will determine your final look.


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Ombre Brows

Powder Ombre Brows, also know as microshading are for those who enjoy a darker fuller look that resembles make up powder brows. This is a more dramatic and bold effect.


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Hybrid Brows

Combo Hybrid brows are the perfect combination of of natural hair strokes and a touch of make up effect. Perfect option for someone who's looking for a hybrid of natural and powder.


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Crafting Your Dream Brows
Your Personal Guide to Microblading

"Crafting Your Dream Brows: Your Personal Guide to Microblading" is your essential companion on the journey to achieving the eyebrows of your dreams. Expertly crafted by Mercedes Perez, with over 20 years in the beauty industry, this guide is brimming with insider knowledge and tips.

Chat with Mercedes Perez

Hello Gorgeous!


Blitz Beauty and Brow is my cozy studio in San Antonio near the Dominion.

I focus on eyebrow makeovers via microblading using the latest techniques - creating amazing eyebrows that complement your face and lifestyle.

Hello, I'm Mercedes Perez and I have been in the health and beauty field for over 20 years.


I'm passionate about helping you look and feel your absolute best.

Whether you have light eyebrows, no eyebrows, or partial eyebrows, my personalized microblading procedure can give you fuller, natural looking brows.

Several styles can be achieved depending on your desired look.


You will leave my studio looking flawless and feeling confident!



Contact Mercedes

Text or Call (210) 274-8485


By Appointment Only 

22211 W Interstate 10 Frontage Rd. #1201

San Antonio, TX 7825

Suite #4 inside JC Salons Dominion Ridge

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